Why choosing a Casa Particular and not a hotel in Cuba?

We believe that most of those that travel these days to Cuba are looking for a close contact with our beautiful nature, our beaches, our culture, our music, and more importantly: our people. So the best way to stay in direct contact with the Cubans, our hospitality, get to know the way we live, the way we are, the way we face everyday’s troubles with a smile, is living among us. This applies to those interested in renting a private accommodation sharing common areas with the Cuban families.

Another advantage is that you can save some money if you rent in a private accommodation. The average is cheaper than the State hotels, excluding those private luxurious mansions with pool that are also available for rent. Besides being in a private accommodation, you are not forced to follow the routinary life we are used to live in a hotel, and so you feel you are still at home.

Are the houses legal?

All the houses listed on our site are registered at the cuban tourism ministry. It is 100% a legal business for which Cubans pay taxes. You can give the house adress to the custom’s officer; you’ll be asked to.

How do I pay?

Payment is cash, directly at the house, in Pesos Cubanos Convertibles (CUC). No downpayment or pre-payment will be requested from CaseCuba.com. Once in Cuba, you can pay only cash, you cannot pay by credit card and no receipt will be given. >> More details about CUC exchange rate

Are cubans allowed to stay overnight in a Casa Particuar?
Yes, in private accommodations you are allowed to bring Cuban guests and friends and even they are allowed to stay overnight. Please notice that they must not be under age and they must provide the house owner their full name and ID #. Cubans are not allowed to enter hotel rooms in Cuba.

Will I share the Casa with other tourists?

In some cases, where more than one bedroom is available and the bedrooms are inside the house or apartment, sharing common areas with the Cuban family, the other bedrooms may be rented to other guests. If this should be an inconvenience, please look in the directory for the accommodations with private entrance. If you do not find the accommodation with private entrance with the conditions that you are looking for, please contact us and ask us what you need.

How can I be sure that the house I booked is free on my arrival?
The reservation made on our site is a commitment between two parties, even if no pre-payment is required; in Cuba the word is stronger than a written contract (for the time being). The Cuban family will be waiting for you and counts on your arrival, so, if for any reason you’re not going to the casa you booked, be nice and cancel your reservation. If, for any reason not dependant upon CaseCuba.com will, the house you booked is not free, you’ll be offered another room in a house of the same standard, possibly in the same zone, at the same price.

How can I be sure I’ll find the house I booked on my arrival?
Once booked you’ll receive an E-Mail with a confirmation within 2 working days, including full address and telephone of the house you booked; just give the address to the taxi driver. Remember to check the name of the street on your arrival, and ask the owner of the house the name of the person he was waiting for (your name), as taxi driver may take you to another house to get commissions. If you want a 100% hassle-free taxi ride to the Casa, just ask for our welcome service (see next question).

How can I get from the airport to the town centre ?
For Habana is now available on CaseCuba.com a welcome service at the airport; the service is managed by CUBANASERVICE agency. For prices and service detail visit CUBANASERVICE site or our detail page.