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For its size Camagüey is the largest province of Cuba. It is located in the east-central Cuba, 550 kms area. east of Havana and its coasts largest number of cays and islets that make up the Cuban archipelago and are located 120 kms. beautiful beaches, 25% of the area of these at home. Although the Spaniards named it Santa María del Puerto Príncipe, in 1514, the name that prevailed in the end, after several settlements, was the one who gave him the aborigines. With it the province and its capital city is identified.

It is said that the town was born the mud, as this was used to construct the building blocks of the first houses were built and jars, sort of Arabic jar large (emblem of the region) used were molded to collect water rain, which came into being around 16,000 across the city in the early twentieth century. The historic center of the provincial capital, declared a National Monument, has a fully asymmetric layout that resembles in some places a spider; and is the largest in Cuba and one of the best preserved colonial architecture and ambience.

Country Cuba
Casa Lancara

Casa Lancara

Calle Avellaneda, Camaguey
Price per night from $ 25
HOUSE WITH FAMILY Neo-colonial house built in the year 1940, the original flagstone of floors and wa More info

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