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Morón is the closest city to the islands of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and the island of Turiguanó. In this town we find a particular Dutch settlement created in the sixties decade of the nineteenth century, is also close to the lagoon “La Redonda” (45 square kilometers) where there is an international center of fishing.

In this area, visitors can see the remains of the Trail of Júcaro to Moron fortress was used by the Spanish to divide the island during the War of Independence, trying to avoid the insurrection fighting for the freedom of Cuba is spreading westward. The main symbol of the city is the Gallo de Morón. A bronze monument located at the entrance to the city, drawn by the artist Rita Longa. It adjacent to the monument is a clock tower that shows the time and allows every six hours to issue the songs of rooster in three repetitions. Time has not erased the night of May 2, 1982, when Gallo de Morón occupy its pedestal, to proclaim himself as an undisputed symbol of this city.

In the center of the city of Moron, is the Martí Park, built in 1877, in the nineteenth century was used as a military barracks in the wars of independence last match of national liberation. The Railway Station is another important monuments with a huge stained glass window in the ceiling, marble brought from Italy, this Terminal Railway was built in 1923, following the codes of eclecticism, is one of the oldest in Cuba, and has was awarded the prize for restoration in 2010. north of the town of Morón located Ignacio Agramonte Park.

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