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Remedios (Remedios) is a municipality and city in the northeast of the central province of Villa Clara, former province of Las Villas. It is located 3 miles (5 km) from the northern coast of Cuba, 10 km by road from Caibarién. It was declared a city by Queen Isabel II of Spain, when Cuba was a Spanish colony. Remedios is 4 hours by bus from the city of Havana, about 50 minutes from Santa Clara and less than an hour from Los Cayos Santa Maria and Bruges, both located near the north coast of the province.

It was the eighth Villa founded in Cuba by the Europeans, dated between 1513 and 1524. In 1980 its historic center was declared a National Monument, there you can find several examples of Spanish architecture of the seventeenth century in good condition. It was originally called Santa Cruz de la Sabana, Vasco Porcallo Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sabana del Cayo and finally in 1578 Remedios de la Sabana del Cayo.

Its main attraction is the San Juan BautistaMayor Church which has 13 beautiful altars plated gold. The central plaza or park attached to the main church was restored in the 1970s. The old city is most evident in the city center (declared a National Monument in 1980) which are still intact buildings with Spanish colonial architecture of the seventeenth century, Los Remedios suffered pirate attacks. After an attack Lolonois, the town was divided and a group of 37 citizens left Remedios and in June 1689 reached the place where the city of Santa Clara sits.

Their Christmas festival “The Parrandas Remedianas” which begins on December 16 and culminate on December 24, is known throughout Cuba and is perhaps the oldest festival of the island. These coincide with Aguinaldo Masses corresponding to the Novena of the Child Jesus. During the same, the city is divided into two camps, “El Carmen“, also called Carmelites and represented by the hawk and “San Salvador“, represented by the cock. The apotheosis comes the last day at 9 pm at the sound of the bells of the largest parish church, where competition festooned floats, fireworks and work space occurs. The party starts at 5pm and celebration does not end until dawn. There is a museum, founded in 1980, dedicated to these Parrandas in which a valuable collection of manuscripts, photos and work space exposes past years.,

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Hospedaje San Carlos

Hospedaje San Carlos

Calle Jose Antonio Peña, Remedios
Price per night from $ 20
INDEPENDENT HOUSE Restored colonial house, it has 4 rooms for guests, all with air conditioner, fan, More info

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