Suggested itineraries

We’d like to suggest some itineraries, depending on the number of days you’ll spend on the island. They have been set-up by Cuba professionals and lovers, allowing you to appreciate land and historic beauties and its marvellous people. Yoou can contact-us for any doubt but please remember: we’re not a travel agency and we don’t sell all-inclusive packages.

Warning: in places marked with a star (*) is not possible to rent a Casa Particular; in brackets, we’ll state the nearest place where you can rent a Casa Particular affiliated to

Tour n.1 – 7/9 days – The splendour of the coast: Habana – Playas del Este – Varadero

If you have only a few days and want to descover the Capital and the Crebbean sea without going too far from la Habana, that’s your tour. You can spend a couple of days in la Habana, 1 or 2 days on the Playas del Este (visiting also the fisherman village of Cojimar, homebase to Hemingway’s fishing games) and spend the rest of your vacation on the wonderful sea of Varadero, enjoying its nightlife.


Tour n.2 – 7/9 days – Pure Oriente: Santiago – Baracoa – Bayamo – Holguin

This is the tour for those who choose Santiago as their entry point in Cuba and have only one week or so to spend on the island. From frenetic Santiago to the peace and relaxed atmosphere of Baracoa, visiting also the beautiful historic centre of Bayamo and the (relatively) rich Holguin.


Tour n.3 – 10/11 days – Tour in the nature: Havana – Vinales – Pinar del Rio – Maria la Gorda* (Pinar del Rio)

From la Habana towards west, towards the tobacco plantations, home to the cuban puros, where you can also visit a manufacturing plant or enjoy the nature in Pinar del Rio, riding a horse on its wonderful hills. Eventually, the point considered by many as the most beautiful sea-spot of Cuba: Maria la Gorda.


Tour n.4 – 10/11 days – Central Tour: Havana – Playa Larga – Cienfuegos – Trinidad

An historic tour: after the charme and history of la Habana, visit Playa Larga, better known as Pigs’ bay, home to one of the most famous revolutionary acts. Then towards Cienfuegos, with its colonial historic centre and its wonderful bay, ending your tour enjoying the relaxed and cool atmosphere of the most well preserved colonial town: Trinidad.


Tour n.5 – 14/16 days – Historic Cuba: Havana – Cienfuegos – Trinidad – S.ta Clara – Camaguey

From la Habana towards east, along the Carretera Central; this tour, similar to the previous one in its first part, will take you to Santa Clara, home to the burial place of Ché Guevara, and to Camaguey, une of the most under-valued destinations in Cuba. Its historic centre is as beautiful as other more famous towns, and you can make several naturalistic excursions to the hills surrounding the town; eventually is only 100km away from Playa S.Lucia.


Tour n.6 – 20/22 days – Pearls of the northern coast: Santiago – Baracoa – Guardalavaca* (Banes) – Playa S.Lucia* (Nuevitas) – Cayo Guillermo* (Moron) – Cayo S. Maria* (Caibarien) – Varadero – Habana

You will need to rent a car for this tour; many places are along the northern coast, not reached by public transport Viazul. From Santiago to Habana, a series of small places considered to be the pearls of Cuba for the beauty of thein nature.


Tour n.7 – 23/25 days – The conquer of the west: Santiago – Baracoa – Guardalavaca* (Banes) – Playa S.Lucia* (Nuevitas) – Camaguey – S.ta Clara – Trinidad – Cienfuegos – Habana – Vinales – Pinar del Rio – Maria la Gorda* (Pinar del Rio)

All Cuba in this tour, starting from the splendour of the oriente province to follow an historic path that will lead you to Habana, then towards west, towards the wonderful nature of Pinar del Rio and Vinales, to the beautiful sea of Maria la Gorda. You will need a car and plenty of time.